Friday, April 20, 2012

Shirts and Skins

Even without counting Metallo, who is technically nude (Hey, sexy robot women count, why not men?), Bane and the Evil Martian are showing about the same amount of skin. But let's face it, there are some basic differences in the way these costumes are presented. The togs of Star Sapphire and the Cheetah are designed to be sexy and titillating as a  typical male fantasy fulfillment. The clothing of the men are not to excite but meant to display power and prowess albeit of the "Jersey Shore ab-display" variety.

On the plus side Star Sapphire is depicted as having more fabric in her outfit than the comic book version but that probably has more to do with the standards and practices of a video meant for a somewhat younger audience.

Image from Justice League: Doom (2012)

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  1. I really liked this DVD, I just wish (and I am apparently the only one) that Carol was in her Silver Age outfit.

    As for Cheetah, I always liked the sexless "nude" Perez Cheetah (which is where this one started, but went through so many permutations). Be glad Doctor Minerva isn't in her "crotchless" costume, the one colored to look like her skin, and when she changes ... well, it've very unfortunate.

    Actually, in this case, Cheetah isn't in anything you might not see at the gym or the beach, so she isn't TOO bad :) Still hate the new SS costumes, though.

    Thanks for posting, take it and run!


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