Monday, June 04, 2012

Monday with Hayley Mills: Hayley on Demand

Actress Hayley Mills is currently busy with her acclaimed portrayal of Ursula in the play Ladies in Lavender. The well-received play is on tour just about everywhere but North America, so I guess she'll never make it to San Diego. Should a North American tour of LiL ever happen I speculate the closest she'll get is Los Angeles. Given enough lead time I'll plan on going up there to see it. Heck, Hayley could charge 5 grand a ticket to stand on a box and read aloud the EULA of the Windows Operating System and I'd pay for the privilege of being there.

Going to LA would have to take the form of a mini-vacation, because my lovely wife will want to hit the Korean shopping district with a purse full of cash. Honestly though, the wife would be bored at the play because 1) She's dead inside and 2) Unless there was sign language interpreter present she wouldn't get as much out of Hayley Mills on a stage as I would. Closed Captioning is the main reason we wait for DVDs of big films to be issued rather than go to the theaters to see them when they come out.

It's enough for me to just be there soaking up all the Millsness but I'd understand if the wife didn't get the same enjoyment out of the play as I would. But there is no way I''d let her stay in a hotel or wander around Los Angeles by herself, it's too dangerous. I'd make sure my wife is taken care of, too.   

Hopefully, Wild At Heart will be available on Region 1 DVD sometime in the near future because I'll be snapping that up. If  the LiL stage play is ever filmed I'll be buying the heck out of that, too. Again, assuming it is in a format that can be viewed in my hemisphere, I will.

Until then here is another cool audio interview with Hayley Mills as featured on the Disney radio channel. DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand Show #16, with Special Guest HAYLEY MILLS.

That's right, click on the link and listen up!

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