Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Case of the Deadline Doom

Over the last couple of days there has been comic book industry news that has served to polarize a lot of fans. A questionable marketing tactic concerning two of the biggest characters from DC and industry professionals publicly feuding via instant messaging has created quite the spectacle within the funny book biz. The argument between two creators (with one burning bridges behind him with nuclear weapons is absurdly hilarious) has motivated me to finish up this bit of provenance I had been playing around with. The result was a mock-up of a crime novel featuring murder within a comic book industry setting called The Case of the Deadline Doom.

The art to the original book cover with art by Sam Peffer can be found here on a book by Earle Stanley Gardner, The Case of the Lucky Legs. Those familiar with comic books over the last few decades might notice a few "Easter eggs" (or if you prefer, cliches) within the copy and art of the front and back faux covers. This mock up crime novel was fun to make and I'd write the hell out of this book given a few months off work.

I had already decided that if this book would ever see reality I want Sam Peffer or someone like him to do the cover art. When I started playing around with the concept I knew what it would be about. Terry Case was invented just for this, but has a complete back story. Burnt out, damaged and retired FBI agent who just wants to live out his years in peace but can't since there is too much wrong in the world. Agent Case exists soles as a means to use the cover teaser text 'A Closed Case Mystery'.

I knew initially what I was going for the faux crime novel idea but when I stumbled across the "Peff" cover I saw how perfect it was and instead went with an adaptation of that. The back cover, which at first was going to be the front, hearkens back to the old Seduction of the Innocent hardcover using the black, white and red color scheme. I even put in as a blurb a cliche of the comic book reporting scene that most people despise, the Zip! Pow! Biff! stuff. I figured if this book existed I wouldn't have much control over much of the teaser copy that appeared on the back and it would be at the mercy of a marketing wonk and their notes from a committee.

Take a few minutes and try to identify all the Easter eggs, even ones I already mentioned. Hey, whoever gives me the best answers might win a prize.


  1. Apart from references to a certain artist's well known shortcomings, the only gag I got was 'life model decoy'. I do like the way you integrated these things into the whole so that they made sense in terms of the story you are telling, and not just as in-joke shout outs.

    I'd also read the hell out of this book.

  2. Also, is it just me or are the word verification thingies getting much harder to read lately?

  3. I'll give it a week before mentioning a few others. Not like there is hundreds...and yeah, Bloggers knew verification process is difficult


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