Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can You Measure...Heartbreak?

It's worrisome to think that several generations of girls and yes, even boys, grew up learning that male and female relationships and gender roles were even remotely like how they appeared in the comic books. The famous Lois Lane/Clark Kent/Superman dynamic were a poor enough example for any young person to emulate. But the average romance comic book typically portrayed women as overwrought, distraught, needy, obsessive, unhinged creatures who were only happy if they cooked dinner and became pregnant.

As for the men, well, perhaps they didn't get it so bad. One could grow up with worse attitudes towards the opposite gender as believing one should protect and provide for the women. At best though, in most of these stories the men were portrayed as little more than incredibly condescending father-replacements complete with smoldering pipe.

A Promise Of Heartbreak! from Falling In Love #48 (February 1962) is as unsettling in the depiction of the nervous breakdown of a jilted woman as it is unintentionally hilarious. This tale has everything! Obsessiveness, feelings of worthlessness, panicked, manic behavior, stalking of the former boyfriend and even a panel of woman getting slapped around to knock her back to her senses after an hysterical episode. This is an even worse portrayal of a woman on the edge than the one from Young Love #80, and I didn't think those panels would be beat.

So, here you go. Eight pages of early 1960s pre-feminist drama written by and edited by old men craziness guaranteed to make the gangs at Girl-Wonder and WFA grind their teeth! Enjoy!

Yikes! Dude, RUN!

Of course, if I had written this story the ending would have turned out a bit different.



    The title makes a bit more sense if you realize it refers not to her, but rather to the experience Boyfriend #2 is about to go through. Poor Clara really needs some hardcore anti-psychotic medication.

  2. Those original snow couple are the Methuselahs of snow men! They lasted what, 6 months even with warm spring rain falling on them?

  3. I must say, I like your ending much better. Although the crazy couple do belong together, I mean who slaps a stranger? D:

  4. Good Lord. This woman doesn't need love, she needs a bucket of thorazine. Your ending is absolutely perfect.

  5. Cheer up, emo girl! Soon you'll have a pretty new dress. A pretty new dress made of the finest surveyor skin!

    Marriage will cure her of these obsessive fantasies. Marriage solves everything. Especially the problem of having too much free time, autonomy, and income.


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