Monday, June 11, 2007

MORE Comic Book Romances of Liberated Women

From Young Love #80 (May-June 1970) is another example of a love story featuring a liberated comic book woman. Liz is sexy, confident and capable until she meets her dream man. Then when he dismisses her in favor of his work she falls apart and goes totally psycho nutty insane as the fear she will live the remainder of her life without a father-figure as a husband consumes her.

Good thing for us guys that women don't behave like this in real life!

The story has the usual happy ending as Liz gets her man after Richard confesses his love instead of running screaming in the opposite direction. So long as Richard can keep slipping anti-psychotics into her food without Liz noticing then they will surely live happily ever after.

Of course, the above panel cries out like a Bronze Age comic book debutante stood up by the richest guy in town for the Sleestak comedy treatment!

Aww, who's got the cutest little daddy issues? You do! Yes, you!

Carole Danvers didn't handle very well losing her super powers that one time.

I'm so glad to be male. I will gladly put up with the occasional bout of impotence when I'm older than to have to go through the ordeal that gals have to deal with every month.

Suddenly, Zatanna pointed her hand at Liz and shouted, "ZIL POTS!"

As the world turns, these are the days of our sands through the hourglass...
The Love Doctor makes a house call.



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