Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cool Golden Age Page of the Day: Out of nowhere -- THE EAGLE!

The Eagle versus the Beast, the bad guy with a crowbar for a hand! Now that's a fight scene! Plus, "Helga Vegas" is very nearly the best name ever for a villainess.This page features something that can only be found in comics. No, not a muscular shirtless hero in the company of a young sidekick who wears school boy's gym clothes! In the final battle, the Eagle leaps from the second story of a building and lands with both feet onto the villains' s face...and the bad guy lives! In fact, he he keeps on fighting until the Eagle smashes him in the face with an anvil!

Cool Page from Weird Comics #15 (June 1941).



  1. I also love that he says "right uppercut to you" and then KICKS him instead. Maybe it was some kind of fiendish misdirection.

  2. This guy looks like a pro wrestler to me. Was he supposed to be like Mils Mascaras who wrestled by day and saved the world in his spare time?

  3. I really wish more villains would use heroes' sidekicks as weapons against them. None of this Jason Todd/Winter Soldier melodrama. I wanna watch Solomon Grundy literally beat the hell out of Superman with Jimmy Olsen. Or I'd settle for watching some buildings fall down. That would be cool too.

    Sigh...DiDio has lowered my expectations SO far.


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