Saturday, June 23, 2007


Dang, Little Archie's mom is HOT!

"...And stop wasting the whipped cream! I'm going it tonight after you go on your trip."

How did Archie's 60 year old shlub of a Dad land such a young babe? He must have originally purchased her from some Walton Mountain family and keeps her locked in the basement in between sessions of drugging and hypnotism so she can't run away.

From Little Archie #12 (1961).



  1. To be fair, you don't know what's under that skirt that causes it to blouse out in such a fashion. He may be the only guy in the state who can survive her Cleopatra's Grasp.

  2. Mom's in a classic Kirby stance right there. Pops needs to straighten up before she fries his fat ass with some crackling black-bubble energy straight outta her eyeballs!


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