Saturday, June 09, 2007

Jonah Hex the SUPER WIZARD!

With issue #20 of the newest incarnation of Jonah Hex I have to admit the series is finally starting to grow on me. I have not been too thrilled with the the Palmiotti, Grey, et al version of Jonah Hex since it started because I like my characterization deep and Me Ling, but the recent Lady Hex story went a long way to changing my opinion. The idea of God's Wild West Revenge-Ninja was something that was okay when Clint Eastwood did it so long ago but I never cared for it in regards to the Hex character.

The most recent issue is still a bit shallow around the edges for my tastes as the story reads like a first draft was being published. I also found the art inconsistent, scratchy and hurried. For that one page it took me a second to realize Jonah wasn't picking up rocks to hurl at his tormentors but rather he was getting his hands stomped. And he punched out people with his mangled fingers? That makes sense for a guy who makes a living pulling triggers. Plus, what was up with the on-again/off-again bandages? My impression was that I was reading someone who copied the sparse style of the Whitman or Dell comics of the 1970s.

While it may not seem like it from the mini-review, I really am starting to like this Jonah Hex and that is mainly on the strength of the past six months worth of stories. I hope this isn't because any Jonah is better than no Jonah, if you get my drift.

That said, if I was writing Jonah Hex his adventures would be a little bit different than what readers might be used to.

Script and art by "Fleisher Hanks".


Go get 'em, Pard!

Look out, Jonah Hex the Super Wizard!

America is saved! Yay!

Question: How is that the most reviled concept ever in the Jonah Hex universe, when he traveled through time into the future, can be so cool when it was done in the Justice League cartoon? Weird.

Link: For some fine on-going reviews and summaries of Jonah Hex' entire career, hitch up your cayuse and mosey on over to Matching Dragoons.

Jonah Hex images from Jonah Hex #20 (August 2007). Stardust the Super Wizard panels by the insane master, Fletcher Hanks.



  1. I grandiosely salute you with my hairy, meat-like hands for the brilliant comics mash-up. Well done!

    Although I gotta ask... is time-traveling Jonah Hex more reviled than Jonah's spirit possessing a scarred former supermodel who rides around on a giant dragon or some shit (from Kesel's Superboy series)? Just wondering. ('Cause personally I'd call that a draw.)

  2. Batman: "The Future? What makes you say that?"
    Jonah: "Experience."

    It's great because it was so subtle. One of the best lines ever said on that fantastic show.

    The one where he goes against Ras al Ghul's son on the Batman series was similarly fantastic.

  3. I prefer that the Kesel Lady Hex doesn't exist.

  4. I think HEX showed the timelessness of Jonah's approach. War-Wheels? Driver shot, vehicle appropriated. Robot Dogs? Whipped. Scurrilous Pawn Brokers? Soundly thrashed. Ambush Bug? Well, things have to break down somewhere.

  5. Wow!

    If your readers are not familiar with the bizarre work of Fletcher Hanks, I urge them to check out the website below where they will find a Fantomah story that does not appear in my new collection (just out from Fantagraphics): "I Shall Destroy All the Ciovilized Planets: The Comics of FLetcher Hanks".

    -Paul Karasik

  6. I liked the scene where Jonah finds his own mummified corpse on display and merely says, "Oh, good, I will get back to my own time one day".


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