Friday, June 29, 2007

What sort of man reads Pulps?

This comic book advertisement from Movie Comics #1 (December 1946) complete with smoking jacket-wearing Hef could be the spiritual precursor to the classic 'What sort of man reads Playboy' print ads that would appear in the adult magazine Playboy several years later.



  1. This is a neat find. But even though it appeared in a comic book, the magazines in question are pulps (printed words, not comics). Fiction House published a bunch of comics, but even more pulps. I guess it does show us what sort of man read Lariat Stories, though, for those of us who've wondered.

  2. My eyesight must be worse than I'd thought, because I initially read that third comic's title as "Labia." (Now, that's some manly readin'!)

  3. LOL That is hilarious—and the best explanation link for my Playboy fan blog's sidebar I could find. Thank you!


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