Saturday, June 02, 2007

Comic Book PSA: Psychological Warfare?

Let's skip the panel of the drug-addicted Army nurse pretending to administer an anesthetic to the injured soldier on the gurney while actually injecting herself in the hand and look at the panel with the titled date of May 5, 1942. This representation of the military insignia of the Military District of Washington from World War Two would give anyone the willies. Or rather...Does the patch give one the impression of willies being taken away?

From Our Army at War #104 (March 1961).

Was the symbolism of a sword set against the background of the Washington Monument a simple image of American strength and unity? Or was it a subtle, clever message to any enemy planning to attack Washington, DC that they will suffer a horrible, emasculating fate for their effort?

Let me just confirm that my soldier isn't going to DC anytime soon.



  1. Yes, a shield would have been vastly preferable here.

  2. I don't know, sometimes a cigar is merely a Washington Monument.


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