Monday, June 04, 2007

His magnetically-attracted what?

From Tales of Suspense #59 (November 1964).



  1. His magnetically attracted shield?

    After being de-thawed Tony Stark made some adjustments to Cap's shield (I think he added a radio at some point as well)

    Now, as for weirdness involving the shield, there was a story with Cap, Luke Cage and Spider-Man, I think it may have been in one of those I heart Marvel books.

    In it, Luke strikes Cap's vibration-absorbing shield causing it to reverberate like a gong. Loudly enough to incapacitate whomever they were fighting, and deafen the three heroes.

  2. Wouldn't you be frantic if you were being shot at?

  3. The magnetic gadgetry didn't last more than a few issues. They quietly dismissed the gimic a few issues later, where Cap complained that they magnetic hoo-hah upset his shield's delicate balance. Whether or not Tony had to actually apologize to Cap's shield was never disclosed.

  4. Can someone explain how Cap's shield returns to him like a boomerang then?

  5. Cap's shield returns to him because like a boomerang because...hell, why not? It's Marvel, Jake. Marvel.


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