Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dammit, Vinnie!

This poignant story of a young widow worried about the future welfare of her baby is made horribly tragic by the "erase everything and get the pages to the messenger by 3 pm" inking style of Vince Colletta. What should be a dramatic moment as the young widow reminisces about her late husband is instead transformed into a scene from a horror comic featuring a shut in and her mindless, zombie toddler.

From Young Love #80 (May-June 1970).

By removing the text, these panels could also be a long-lost deleted scene between Sue and Franklin, from that issue of Fantastic Four when Reed Richards turned off his son's brain with a ray gun.



  1. Taking care of baby got a whole lot easier once Ma discovered Gerber's Strained Valium!

  2. I keep telling you, sweetie, I didn't die, I just abandoned you.

  3. There really should be some drool leaking from the corner of that baby's mouth.

  4. Bah, Blockade Boy took my joke. Not the Gerbers Strained part but the valium part.

    Did I just say "Bah?"


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