Saturday, June 02, 2007

Who Does Cheryl Love?

Dr. Zaius of the Zaius Nation fancies himself a rival for Cheryl's affections!

Foolish, damned dirty Ape!

Don't you know that women prefer the smooth bare chest of a lizard-bug with the muscular structure of the rock star Sting (circa 1986) over the musky, damp pelt of a fur bearing animal? Okay, so you are a Doctor (Lah-de-dah, lookit me! I lobotomize astronauts!) and I work middle-management retail, but the fact is that true love always prevails! While I've found the babes usually only truly love Jaguars, plenty of jewelry and summer vacation homes, I date only non-threatening, emotionally crippled females like Bronze Age Cheryl. Careful selection allows me to defeat the Doctor's superior Cash-Fu using only my natural charm. And lies.

This isn't a meme but is a follow up to one, because this is the second time the good Doctor sent me a photo, which is much appreciated! The original cover of Girl's Love #146 that I Slee'd up was snagged from the always helpful GCD. The Doctor got the image after I finished with it from over here. It was an unintended team effort, but those are the best kind!



  1. Sir, I will have you know that I rarely lobotomize astronauts anymore. That's work best left to the chimpazees.

    I am very happy for you and Bronze Age Cheryl, by the way. As you can see, I am otherwise occupied. Ha!

  2. I just know that "musky, damp pelt of a fur bearing animal" remark was directed at me. (Not that I'm complaining, mind you.)

  3. Hayley is always #1 to me, but sometimes you gotta have a Plan B.

    I'll string along any female until Hayley wises up and visits.

  4. Looks like the inmates are running the assylum today.

    Or maybe the zoo.


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