Friday, June 22, 2007

Burn, Butler, Burn!

Little Archie rescues Little Veronica from the family butler who kidnapped her for ransom by lighting him on fire and throwing the villain down a flight of stairs.
The cartoonish figures of Archie and Veronica are an odd contrast to the far more realistic depictions of the dungeon setting and the plummeting butler.

From Little Archie #12 (1961).



  1. Did Archie and Veronica all of a sudden land in the DC universe?

  2. That page is kind of beautiful, really. It's like something out of "Raw."

  3. Creepiest P. G. Wodehouse Jeeves story, ever.

  4. I remember a Little Archie story where he got shrunk and flew a model airplane in a dogfight with an eagle. The art (I don't know the artist) was as realistic and detailed as any Russ heath war comic, but there was cartoony Little Archie right in the middle of the panel.


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