Saturday, June 23, 2007

Clearing out the "Pending" folder

You'd never see Lois Lane being such a jerk. There's aggressiveness in chasing down a lead for a news story and and then there is being just plain obnoxious and insulting. Great stand-alone panel from the Golden Age of comics, though.
Four Favorites #8 - Sensitive reporter
From Four Favorites #8 (December 1942).

Do modern comic book fans realize that without the superior coloring techniques of today's creative teams that much of the art published in current magazines would get a high school kid a failing grade in art class? Imagine this art as black and white reprints in a trade collection.
Cable & Deadpool #41 - High school art class
From Cable & Deadpool #41 (August 2007).

Comic book puzzle from Teen Beat. I think it's a rock star.
Teen Beat #1 - Puzzle
From Teen Beat #1 (November-December 1967).

This one is pretty much for Dr. Zaius to play with.
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
From the Whitman Big Little Book, The Calcutta Affair (1967).

How this scene would have played if I wrote the Phantom.
Ace Comics #116 - Phantom
From Ace Comics #116 (November 1946). Original here.

Just because it is the greatest Ditko panel ever.
Greatest Ditko panel ever



  1. I think it's a rock star.

    Who never liked being called "Wool-hat", apparently.

  2. I'm hoping that it's Mike Nesmith!


    (eh, pretty sure it is Mike, but I wanted to further that great joke.)

  3. I think you may have discovered a brand new sex position, Sleestak.

    The only question is what to name it: Gentle Persuasion or The Calcutta Affair.

  4. "You! Fat lady! What happened to the elephant boy!"

    (On the "Iron Man" set, Gwyneth Paltrow continues to make life miserable for Jon Favreau...)

  5. Thank you for thinking of me, I have already done on a number on the illustration from "The Calcutta Affair" back in Febuary. Great minds think alike!


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