Friday, November 04, 2011

I think George Bailey would approve

A credit union in San Diego is culturally savvy and timely enough to insert an OWS-inspired Guy Fawkes image in their hustle to bring customers over to them from the big banks for Bank Transfer Day tomorrow. I changed the name of the credit union to something fictional but the rest of the ad is real.


  1. My credit union is too bank-like, having very limited hours. What part of "to have good customer service, serve the customers" don't they understand? Facing customers with a dark locked bank is not good customer service.

    I look forward to Walmart getting into banking. Rest assured when the other banks will have been closed for hours, Walmart will be offering their services.

  2. Hurm. WalMart, like many other stores, will probably load up on the transaction fees. The place I work does.

  3. Guy Fawkes - religious terrorist trying to overthrow the King to install the Pope. Stupid symbol for a group of stupid people.

    The members of this credit union should be appalled at the CU being willing to associate itself with the Occupy crime wave.

  4. Cool image. Any reason you chose to conceal the real name of the credit union? They surely aren't embarrassed by the image, having used it in their ad.

    As for banking at Mall-Wart, Bank Transfer Day isn't just about debit-card fees, it's a protest against giant banks' anti-social behavior such as continuing to pay obscenely-high executive salaries and bonuses after being bailed out by the taxpayers. Mall-Wart also has plenty of anti-social practices on its record.

  5. I don't do free advertising and the bank is associated with where I work. I minimize my online and offline connection where possible.

  6. The problem with credit unions is that, when they begin to grow, the largest account holders discover that they can vote themselves into control. Then, by instituting more draconian bank-like policies, they can penalize small account holders and maximize the return on their own accounts.

    Generally, small credit unions and those tied to a single employer are pretty benign. Otherwise, do your homework before joining! You could easily end up at the feeding trough for local one-percenters.


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