Friday, October 28, 2005


Jesus, Burger King of Space

Kung-Fu Space Jesus...will he save the Earth or destroy it?

Goes without saying...

After seeing this I now want a basketball that looks like Earth so I can play at being God, too! It will feed my delusions.

Phantom Zone exile Jesus

High altitudes give Jesus nosebleeds

Scary soul-drinker jesus

Robot Jesus


  1. That NYC painting reminded me of a recent post to BoingBoing that showed Jesus at the Rapture in Dallas. Check out for some "Armageddalicious kitsch art".

  2. That's hideous. Perfect for October though.

    As a kid there were a series of books in our house that I'd like to find again. The art in them was photo-realistic (Alex Ross style) and particularly frightening and hilarious. A selfish boy watches his chocolate cake deflate, an angel watches as a car bears down on a child in the street. I believe they were printed in the 50's. Now those have some art that deserves to be saved for posterity.


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