Saturday, March 04, 2006

Grocery Store Artifact: Nicholas Cage

This "plug" of Nicholas Cage was originally from the cardboard DVD display placed in the store where I work for the recent release of the snoozer, The Lord of War. For reasoning I can only evaluate as insane, some wit in a marketing department decided that a life-sized head shot cutout of Cage being creepy would help sell copies of the DVD (it didn't). After a few weeks enough of the DVDs were sold/shoplifted that the stand looked empty-ish and too esthetically displeasing to keep on the sales floor so it was tossed out. The DVD's were moved to the regular movie section of the store (a bin of loose, variably-priced films in the Seasonal aisle).

Before the stand was compacted and baled someone rescued the cut out of Nepotism Nicky and put it in one of the locked storage cages in the warehouse. Every time I walk by it I get a little start when I catch the creepy bastard's profile out of the corner of my eye. It freaks me out. I know it's there, but it still surprises me a bit every time I go down the corridor because I'm not expecting to see anyone peering out of a storage cage.

I just know that one day I'm going to be walking down that corridor and someone clever will actually be in the storage area getting something when I pass by and will take the opportunity to yell 'Boo!' and make me crap my pants.


  1. You'll get used to it pretty quickly.

    I have one of those shop window dummies standing in the corner of my sitting room and when I first put her there it was very disconcerting because it sent my pattern-recognition systems crazy and I kept thinking there was someone else in the room for a split second before I realised it was Doris. Eventually she became part of the background noise for me, but she still freaks out visitors.

  2. Was it placed there specifically as a visual pun, or is that just happy happenstance?


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