Monday, November 13, 2006

The Find Sensation of 1949, Lady Cop!

Gail Simone (via Seven Hells) has teased us with the news of an appearance by Lady Cop in the All-New Atom #6.

But which of DC's several Lady Cops that have beein in print will it be? Gail is very crafty and may just be screwing with our brains.

Will it be VD Battlin' Liza from the 1970's, or the sultry, no-nonsense, pistol-packing brunette of 1949?

Gang Busters #9 (April-May 1949)

Wallop the link to read the tale an innocent young woman who, after being viciously assaulted by a thug, joins up with other revenge-minded females to become the scourge of cut-purses and footpads everywhere!



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