Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Starting to grow...I can feel it

Enough politics, bring on the sex!

Meat Puppets!
- All Top Comics #8

The Atom is teeny-weeny!
- Action Comics #438
- Super Friends #1

"Hmmmm, about the fourth option starring a hot little
Space-Tart in a kinky Cigarette-Girl from the Future uniform?"
- Mystery in Space #10

- Tip Top Comics #110

Why, that is Raggedy-Andy wearing a dress!
- Alice #10

Well, I guess it's okay as long as it was a "tender" kiss.
- Wonder Comics #1

Dude! At least pretend not to be staring directly into her rack!
- Young Love #89

"Because every team needs a Wolverine."
Good to see a little parity in costume designs going on there so the Wasp isn't the only character with arrows on the spandex that point to the "fun zone."
- Avengers Next #1

She-Hulk is way out of everyone's league.
- West Coast Avengers Annual #4



  1. There was a prostitute super hero in one of the Marshal Law books who had arrows pointing to all her fun zones. She was telling her customer something like "If you can't find it, it isn't here."

  2. "All Top Comics" - Barely Any Top Comics more like.

  3. What the heck is Arcade doing with Superman?

  4. Yeah, that Sabreclaw costume had me shaking my head too. I like Defalco and all, but what was he thinking?


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