Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Giggety Lantern Corps

Perhaps the Guardians didn't choose the best Green Lantern in Quagmire when assigning him to escort Supergirl through space to another planet in this preview from the 2007 Brave and the Bold #2.


"Hey! Blond girl! I hear that Krypton went around its sun twice as fast as the Earth's?
So that means you're really 34 years old! Alllll-right!"

Like this sequence is any less creepy than the one with Hal "17" Jordan and his internal dialog.

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  1. The first issue was so great. The story was engaging and the dialogue was excellent, establishing a believable relationship between Bats/Bruce and GL/Hal. They even gave me a Barry Allen reference.

    But I've gotta say ... watching Hal mutter the lyrics to "Seventeen" is more than a little disconcerting.

    Here's hoping the first of issue #2 is good enough to pull TB&B out of what might be an early tailspin.

  2. Um ... "first of issue?" I meant to say "rest" ... see what I mean? Discon-damn-certing, I tell you.

  3. This Supergirl is actually a lot more fun than the one who appears in her own book. In my experience, teens flirt about that subtly, and have no idea why the Old Farts around them react so oddly.

  4. Uh...in my experience, they know *exactly* what they are doing. But they often confuse the discomfort of older or mature men who are annoyed by their silliness with the imagined success of their fledging and inexperienced gender power games.

    Unfortunately many men fall for it, reinforcing what younger females learn wrongly about human relations, that is, flirting and shaking the t&a gets you what you want.

  5. Hal: "Dear diary. JACKPOT."

  6. Aww, c'mon. I thought it was hilarious. Tongue in cheek as it were.


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