Sunday, April 29, 2007

Footprints in the Sand

Could God click this with his mouse and make it so large he couldn't read it?
I wonder for how long I could get away with selling these inspirational, high-quality, framed prints for $26.95 each (plus s&h) to any location within the continental US within three business days to people who erroneously assumed a familiarity with the poem before somebody actually read the thing in its entirety?

I could use a new car.



  1. They'd read the beginning and end first, it wouldn't work. Maybe if it was in a really script-y, difficult to read font...

  2. You may be correct. The religious are not known for ignoring things that are obvious.

  3. I'm not quite snotty enough to put that on my desk at work, but anyway, people would read the first couple lines and assume I was one of them.

  4. That's the evil plan I had in mind, Googum. I'm considering printing a bunch of them out, leaving them in places like neighborhood civic centers and seeing if anyone notices.

  5. That's perfect! Very subtle. AA+++ Would buy again!!

  6. Okay, that's way funnier than the original version. Funnier than even the long-haired kid in Bobby Hill's Sunday School class' reading of it.


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