Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who does Mary love?

Saving my strength for work since I'm down with the flu last few days.

Sorry, Mary. I'm taken. All the good ones are. But since mildly amusing photoshopping is the best medicine, here is a blank for people to play with.

Page from Girl's Love Stories #133 (February 1968).

The internet shares the sweet, sweet love!

Bully does a bad, bad thing. But Mary still has room in her heart for a little stuffed hard-travelin' Bull.

Ragnell shows us what a girl wants.

Cullen Waters lifts the covers on just who Mary wants curled up at the foot of her bed.

Isn't that just like a woman? Mary reveals her fickle heart to Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator.

Brian Hughes is Mary's Mobile Organism Designed Only for Matchmaking!

Mark Engblom knows love is no laughing matter.

Mary creeps Chris Sims out.

Mary tells all on the Johnny Bacardi Show.

Mary trades up and lands a boy toy at Postmodernbarney. And keeping with internet tradition, one for Dorian.

Mary may have voted for him, but Hulkster SMASH!

Mike knows that between Mary and Nancy, the better girl won.

It is a bittersweet week for Mary at Siskoid's Blog.

The Many Loves of Mary is featured at the Fortress of Soliloquy.

Mary tells Brandon all about those schoolgirl days of telling tales and biting nails that are gone.

The prequels sucked, but Mary loved them anyways.

Mary has to travel further than England to find her lost love via Gad, Sir! Comics!.

Tomscud sends us all running and screaming into the night when Mary unpacks her Trunk of Horror.

Alex Scott knows love is in the cards for Mary.

Sean Kleefeld asks: Which one is the evil twin?


Drop me a line if I missed including anyone!


  1. I'm in on this one. Hope mine are funny enough, and if they aren't hopefully they'll be risque enough, and if they aren't then I hope that perhaps, just perhaps they made you stop and think for a moment.

  2. There is obviously only one correct answer to this question and here it is. I mean, really, who else could it be?

  3. It was the lovelorn girl's outfit that inspired mine.

  4. Siskoid's Blog of Geekery celebrates Doctor Who Week the only way it knows how.

    By laughing at the worst companion ever.

  5. I came here via Chris Sims, and was able to come up with something even more horrifying than his entry.

    (verification word: Qaghstab! From hell's heart I qaghstab at thee!)


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