Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cool Golden Age Page of the Day: A Rare Delicacy

That is one hairy Roman! His name is Romey, believe it or not. Romey the Roman.

From Jungle Comics #7 (July 1940). Art by George Tuska.
And what Golden Age story would be complete without a hearty "Ho! Guards!" from the villain?
Insane concepts like Cannibalistic Monkey Men unapologetically told straight-faced without any attempt at camp is what made the Golden Age of comics so great.



  1. Oooh, I loved that one story where he and Michelle went to their high school reunion.

  2. There's something very Ditko about that art.

  3. That is one fugly antagonist. Wowsers.

    (bloody Romans)

  4. Romey's got a nerve calling someone else "monkey man", hasn't he?

  5. "100 B.C.". Because of course an isolated Roman colony with no interest in "traffic with the outer world" would adopt the Gregorian calendar. They probably have Labor day too, just because they liked the sound of it.


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