Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's a John Byrne Valentine's Day!


Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Cripes. What was Johnny thinking? The response should have been, "Yes, Lana...It would. You are a little girl and I am a grown man. It would be inappropriate and wrong on very many levels. Now, please excuse me. I'm going to go fly through the sun to clean off."

From Degenerations Generations #11, v III (January 2004).


  1. Who's the stretchy necked kid standing next to Superman on the first panel of the second page?

  2. Man the creepiness with Bryne never really stops does it.

  3. Maybe Byrne thought anyone reading the comic would be mind-wiped too.
    Superman remembers though ...

  4. Russian Teenage Gynecology scene from Next Men would like to have a word with you about Mr. Byrne.

  5. To be fair, that version of Superman is several hundred years old.

    The 'stretchy-necked kid' is Supes' surviving granddaughter having a bad art moment.

  6. The only follow up for this would be the scene from his Doom Patrol where Cliff Steele and Rita Farr have somehow traveled back in time MENTALLY and hook up and declare their love for each other even though Rita is physically twelve and Cliff is around 35.
    I'll be honest; that scene is so out there that I remember the panel better than I remember the series or even the story arc it was part of.

  7. It's no secret that Byrne is... The man is fucking creepy.

    He put Reed at 21 meeting Sue at 12, and them falling in love (Only to reveal so about a decade later).

    He also did some other, extremely creepy borderline/pedo stuff.

  8. What makes this extra warped is Lana's response to Superman's objection that she's a child: "Does that matter? No one here is going to call the cops on you, Superman..." Right, because the main reason Superman (and other grown men) won't make out with kids is out fear of the cops.

    John Byrne's work shows that he's got some really skeevy ideas about sexuality. I'll give him one thing: he still manages to disturb me, even after all this time.

  9. John Byrne's got some creepy ideas about just about everything.


  10. Ewww I think he slipped her the tongue too...ewwww

  11. This really doesn't help getting past that age old idea that comic book are made by skeevy degenerates. Wertham is laughing in his grave.


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