Monday, March 10, 2008

Grocery Store Artifact: You're doing it wrong

A novel approach to solving the pesky problem of "ring around the collar" caused by perspiration. Found attached to the collar of a shirt dropped off for laundering at our in-store dry cleaning service.


  1. Rotflmao!

    Either he's doing it wrong or he's a biological oddity.

  2. I can only consider it fate that the first time I've come over here to read your wares, this is the post I find. I love. it and will say no more for a time, lest I not be allowed back.

  3. I wonder if the owner of the shirt would wear this device every day, or just certain times of the month.

  4. What I find disturbing is the color of the stain.

    Who wore this? The Swamp Thing?

  5. Maybe he's heard that in the old days, men wore disposable paper collars, and thought this was a suitable substitute.


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