Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby!

Here's some cake!
Thanks for all the sweet Kirby Krackle!

Why is Kirby the King? Check out the Mid-Ohio-Con Moc-Blog.


  1. I will always, ALWAYS be greatful to Kirby for Devil Dinosaur. :-) ALWAYS.

  2. Behold the Power Cosmic! Gotta have my daily dose of Krackle...

    To honor the day at the Mighty Mighty MOC-BLOG, we asked comic book creators from the Mid-Ohio-Con family and beyond to answer the question "Why is Kirby king?" A baker's dozen of their responses, including reminiscences by John Byrne, Alan Davis, Mike Grell, and others, appear in today's post, along with an eye-popping gallery of Kirby’s artwork.

    Drop by and check it out at


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