Monday, December 29, 2008

Mighty Magic Wiz

Who had the creepier era in the 1960s, England or America?

Diana #235
(August 1967).


  1. Oh, I'll say England. Because repression there erupts in sublimated, kinky ways. In the US we were pretty much discussing our sexual "hang ups", Times Square was a vortex of titillating filth by '63.

    Despite the youthquake happening, England's number-one luxury item then was glossy magazines about caning naughty schoolgirls.

    BY THE WAY, thank you for your wonderful blog, I've enjoyed your posts for quite a while, and I appreciate them immensely. I don't get the Hayley Mills thing, but it's cool. You're smart and funny and feature cool things, which is why I keep coming back. Thanks to you, and let's have a fab 2009, Sleestak. You do indeed rock, in your own unique style.

  2. Thanks! I don't know if Hayley is even considered "English" anymore, but she is awesome.

    There's an entire generation of boys (and girls) who wanted Hayley as their girlfriend when they were young.


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