Monday, February 16, 2009

Good retaining walls make for good neighbors

You probably can't drive down any highway or freeway and not see the scars and cosmetic damage caused by out of control cars striking and scraping the concrete retaining walls placed between the opposing lanes of traffic.

I wonder how many high-speed head-on collisions a day never occur because of the barriers. A common-sense safety measure that I would lay good odds no one ever thinks twice about. But every mark on those walls represents a potential horrible accident where the results or complications from accidents were at the least minimized.


  1. Here in Chicago the safety barriers build up with snow and ice. Every year we have incidents of speeding cars fliiping into oncoming traffic or, worse, onto the subway train tracks (ground level between I-90).

  2. My dad always tells me how the freeways in Southern California used to look- spindly hedges with big ugly skid marks cutting through them periodically. Gimmie concrete any day.

    BTW, what do you call those things? I bet you say "Jersey barriers". I think it's an East coast thing. I never called 'em anything, but at work (LA Harbor) we call them "K rails". I don't know why.


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