Sunday, February 08, 2009

Of course you know

Due to an asshat bombarding the site with his religious wingnuttery (who is also spamming other sites and boards, I've found) I've had to enable comment moderation. As usual for the woo-woo type and their hit and run attacks, this person is hiding behind 'unavailable status' so no one finds him and can launch his special brand of loony and threats from the safety of anonymity while pretending to be a Lamb of God. Here's the response to demanding he quit spamming the site:

Use "Comment Moderation" or I'll be back.

Now that you know the truth, you'll be held to a higher standard when you make your account to God. Good luck ; )
It isn't like this person is totally anonymous. A-holes always advertise, don't they? Usually what happens is these types get exposed and scurry away like roaches when the spotlight gets switched on. The accounts they use to spam and threaten get closed, their ISP bounces them and sometimes, if the emails originated from a workplace, they get unemployed for being wacky on company time.

I don't like comment moderation because it slows the pace of the fun. Like playing chess by mail.


  1. Argh, comment spam is annoying. I've got a strange glut of amoxycilin spam at the moment. Blog spam about some guy's bizarre theories on life is far worse, though. Hope he stops bothering you soon.

    In the meantime, I'll comment and frantically reload the page every few minutes to see if you've gotten around to approving my cleverness ;)

  2. it isn't just the spam. I have a feeling this person is kind of hostile.

  3. Oh, extra charming, then. My sympathies.

  4. Cripes. "Held to a higher standard"? Who does this guy think he is, Professor Zoom? Whenever I feel bad about wasting a few hours (okay, seven) bumming around the Internet just basically accomplishing zip, I can always take comfort that there are folks out there wasting their time in far more pernicious fashion.


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