Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Radioactive Judy

Oh, the Cold War! I miss it. It was far easier and less stressful to be scared of an entire country on the other side of the planet instead of worrying about a few motivated, unbalanced individuals like we do today. Yet fear of nuclear annihilation was so pervasive in the 1950s it even managed to insinuate itself in a comic book about a boy-crazy bobby-soxer. Sometimes I think that comic books of the past did a much better job than portraying women than they do today. Sure, they were silly, daffy and helpless much of the time and only left the confines of the home to search for a husband, but I doubt a contemporary magazine would offer much better content.

A Date With Judy #57 - Radioactive Judy (Feb - March 1957

Would a similar title today feature a young woman armed with scientific gear in search of Uranium or would they depict her wielding a credit card and shopping at the mall?

A Date With Judy
#57 (Feb-March 1957).

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