Sunday, March 29, 2009

Colletta hands

Oh, Vinnie. Well, you made the deadline, and that was what was most important back in the day.

Today's fans complaining about delays in publication amuses me a bit more than it annoys. Would fans now accept anything that had a rushed, Colletta-style production value to it or do the demands of the market require stylized, photo-realistic, highly-detailed computer-enhanced work with snappy presentation? In times past a good story would often balance out poor art (ie, many comics published in the 1990s). Could the same be said of today, or is it that technological advances and consumer expectations no longer allows creators to give less than an endless series of mind-boggling blockbusters?

Lovers #85 (June 1957).


  1. There must be a middle ground between Vince Coletta's six-fingered pianist and over-rendered, painfully-detailed images.

  2. Sleestak, you terrible judge of art, take a look at my blog today.


    PS: Maybe Vinnie was trying make you feel the incredibly beautiful music being made by the six-fingered pianist.

  3. The perspective on the piano keys looks a little off, to me, but I have to say: I think I'd rather read books that looked like this and had a complete story in each issue, rather than comics that are intensely rendered and written decompressed "for the trade."

    But that's my personal preference.


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