Saturday, June 27, 2009

19 Again

I don't think Nicolas Cage looked this young even when he was that young.

That Nic was de-aged and incidentally made to resemble a Star Trek: The Next Generation-era Will Wheaton in the ad for the upcoming DVD of the recent film Knowing was ridiculously obvious. I can only speculate it was done because it was thought teens probably won't impulse-buy a movie featuring someone old enough to be their father. This image really amounts to false advertising and falls in line with my assertion that if someone has to misrepresent the product to make a sale, then the product isn't worth buying. That the ad appeared in comic books presumably for the young adult market makes Knowing even that much more telling.

This image accompanied another similar ad for the film Push, which features for the most part hot, young attractive people. The comparison between the two images of young and old characters probably made the marketing guys twitch a bit.

Advertisement for upcoming DVD release of the 2009 movie Knowing, from various comic books released this week.


  1. That's EXACTLY who I thought he was youthified to look like.

  2. Poor Nicholas Cage. I could never stand him, sad to say.

    And darned if he DOESN'T resemble Wil Wheaton!

  3. It's like the political argument: if they gotta lie to make their case, there's really no case to make.


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