Monday, June 01, 2009

It all makes sense now

Noticed this for the first time today in the credits for Season 3 of the 70s television show Land of the Lost.

The actor who portrayed the troublesome leader of the militant and hostile Sleestak in Land of the Lost is named Jon Locke. On the show LOST the likewise problematic new leader of the Others is named John Locke.


Sure. I think the final season will be one big reveal culminating in the Marshall family leading the survivors home.


  1. I noticed (and chuckled) at that, too, when watched the SCIFI Channel marathon! Too funny!

  2. And no longer does Big Alice guard the Temple. It's the smoke monster instead.

  3. I noticed some odd parallels during the marathon and thought how funny it would be if these 2 shows were somehow connected. How I would love it if they were.

  4. I still maintain that the film Deep Rising, LotL and LOST are connected.


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