Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Futura - Chapter 14

Planet Comics #56 from September 1948 picks up with space heroine Futura as a prisoner, falsely accused of being the pirate Yrina. Futura is taking steps to clear her name when another pirate attacks and takes her prisoner. This episode has Futura held under guard and in more cheesecake poses than is usual. Perhaps the creators chafed under the typical guidelines for this type of tale because it doesn't take long for them to have Futura break the cliche of the helpless prisoner.

Sooner or later you would think the bad guys would learn not to bring Futura into their sanctum and allow guns, heavy objects and pointy things within her reach.



  1. Thanx -- another great chapter!

    I notice the costumes look more contemporary (i.e., circa WWII) than previous chapters.

  2. I noticed that. Part of the parallel evolution of the strip I mentioned in a previous chapter.


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