Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Truth Is Out There

Back in the 1980s when I worked at a military installation in or around Utah, New Mexico or Nevada, a manifesto of sorts was passed around, written by one of the scientists that worked in one of the buildings. He was always acting kind of worried and chain-smoked, which is why he was always hanging out on the Non-Restricted side of the building. All of us on patrol would regularly meet up where everyone took breaks and eventually we'd all be talking to him, even though his E Line Badge meant we were not supposed to. He would talk about the weird things he did in the hangar and sometimes "accidentally" leave documents behind. He would let slip that he could only live with himself if he somehow told the world what was going on by re-writing the classified stuff in a manifesto he would release to the public. When the Brass got a hold of a copy they had the guy kicked off the base, his contract was voided and his Secret clearance was removed. Whatever he wrote really got everyone up in arms because we were in ORI status for about a month and our MOBB was re-evaluated.

I myself had a few samples of the manifesto and while most were lost to the conditions of poor storage a page or two survived. It has been over twenty years so I guess there is no harm in posting this page now.

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