Monday, September 03, 2012

Monday with Hayley Mills: The Family Way OST

This image from 1966 Hayley Mills vehicle The Family Way is getting a lot of internet mileage over the last several weeks (for obvious reasons, shame on you all). There has been a large number of new-to-you images of Hayley Mills posted publicly of late. I speculate the new images showing up may be a result of publicity from her recent tour of the play Ladies in Lavender. I approve.

The soundtrack to The Family Way is interesting due to having been composed by then-Beatles member Paul McCartney on the George Martin label. The OST represents an early foray by Paul McCartney into music without the other members of the Fab Four. Technically this is not the first solo work by a Beatles member since the album was made with producer Martin. The soundtrack has been re-released several times since 1967 undoubtedly capitalizing on McCartney's involvement.

The Family Way - Love in the Open Air

When I get the time I'll fetch a couple of the early LP's of The Family Way. I love both the original cover art with surly Hayley Mills on it and the more recent one of her being adorable while napping.

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