Thursday, September 13, 2012

No More Ducks

Either the fair use concept didn't exist then or it wasn't worth the fight against the Disney legal team even for the low-resolution photocopied image reproduction of the time. The Barks Collector was a good and well-researched fanzine.

From The Barks Collector #10 (1978).

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  1. This amused me. My dad worked for a company contracted to Disney and could have taken a Disney contract to do the same job for more money... but he didn't because Disney employees had to shave off their facial hair. His rationale: "I've had my moustache since the '60s, and I'll still have it when EuroDisney's all finished..."

    Also the fandom thing is damn funny. Makes me think of GRR Martin and his hating on fanfic (wait, it's *bad* that these people love your work so much?!).

    Thanks btw, it's been while since I saw an analogue fan magazine, seems so old-school even to a greybeard like me! I look forward to making my daughter laugh with this post....


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