Monday, March 18, 2013

Comic Book Page

Not everything in a comic book is fictional, not even in romance comics! From the October 1951 romance comic title Boy Meets Girl #16 the song a happy, in love Margo is singing to herself as she walks home is from the real world tune All My Love, popularized by singer Patti Page in 1950.

While her most famous hit was the 1950 cover of  Tennessee Waltz Patti had a long and successful career in entertainment. She recently passed away last January at the age of 85, leaving behind an impressive musical legacy.


  1. Welcome back, Sleestack. Your fans have been checking in regular-like, and it's a relief not to see the squaw-bread post at the top any more!

  2. Thanks! Took a break and didn't actually plan on return til April but I got antsy.


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