Friday, March 22, 2013

Fan-Designed Fashions For Patsy Walker Paper Doll

Paper Doll feature from Patsy and Hedy #51 (Mar 1957)

Patsy Walker is a Golden Age teen humor and romance comic book Marvel Comics character that first appeared in magazines in the mid-1940s. Patsy later made a Silver Age appearance long after she was retired as a character and was later revived as the super-heroine Hellcat in 1976.

Art by this gang I assume: Pencils: Al Hartley, Inks: Al Hartley, Colors: Stan Goldberg, Letters: Artie Simek. Might be some Colletta in there but I can't say for sure as there is no issue info on who created this.

BONUS! Mix-and-Match Bunty's Electronic Brain of Atomic Death for more paper doll fun!

Show your work.

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