Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Behind The Music: The Little Drummer Boy

Tonight, on VH1's Behind the Music...

After years of struggle and honing his craft playing at small venues in foul-smelling marketplaces and performing for inappreciative audiences consisting of sheep, the Little Drummer Boy got the gig of a lifetime when called for a command performance for the King of the Jews. The Little Drummer Boy, with back up band Ox & Sheep, played his drum for him. By all accounts of those present, he played his best for him.
LDB: Live at Jewdokan
After the show the Little Drummer Boy's star was definately on the rise.

However, in spite of his newfound success the Drummer Boy soon discovered that keeping on top in the music business was a task as difficult as walking on water. Led astray by the questionable career advice of three "wise" men and a debilitating addiction to Myrrh, he soon faded into music history obscurity and is only remembered as a "One Hit Wonder" by the scholars of the time.

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