Sunday, December 18, 2005

Quincy Jones, Master of Time, Space and the Portal to Other Realms

I actually own this Quincy Jones album (in LP form) still. The cover is embossed! Way cool! I really enjoyed listening to it as a youngster because it has some great tracks on it.

Smackwater Jack: A great little ditty about a serial murderer, written by the genius Carole King.

Hikky-Burr: The theme to the 1969 Bill Cosby Show, as performed by Bill Cosby. Hikky-Burr-Burr! Ooooooh-Laaaawd!

Theme From Ironside: Probably best known to kids today as that annoying, yet perfectly placed, music that played when The Bride in the Kill Bill movies spied one of her enemies.

Cast Your Fate To the Wind: It's just cool, man.

What's Goin' On?: Sung by Marvin Gaye and a Cast of Thousands.
I can't tell you how much I wanted a dimensional-interface shirt like Quincy Jones had.

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