Monday, January 16, 2006

PS Magazine January 2006: Countdown to Wednesday!

Wednesday is Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy Day! The long awaited 6-issue special comes out this week and to tie you over until then, here is some of Joe Kuberts' latest work for the US military's maintenance comic book PS Magazine.

If I had a time machine I could use it to travel to Wednesday.

Actually good advice. Take it from one who knows, getting your beret 'just right' is a lot of work and you hate losing or ruining one.

The expression on this field generator is positively Liefeldian.

Looks like not buying things is turning out to be the army's forte'.

Very carefully...


Is there nothing that the stain of AoA hasn't touched?

Yeah, you gotta have lubricant.

Original text changed to 'Alice's Restaurant' by me.

I wonder if Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy will feature anthropormophic war machines? That would be cool.

Sgt. Rock vs. Terminator. I'd buy it.


  1. Wasn't there an issue of Sgt. Rock that was all about their weapons having a conversation while the guys were asleep or something?

  2. WHAT? That sounds insane.

    Must...locate...that then.


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