Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Superman hates freedom

Superman v1, #306 (December 1976)

Superman takes a moment in the midst of pitched battle with a Bizzaro-Superman destroying Metropolis to crush the free speech rights of protesters who are peacefully assembling in a public venue.

Construction sites and abandoned tenements abound in the city and the best weapons Superman could find to throw at the villain were the cardboard signs of some Average Joes and Janes that disagreed with the Man of Steel's super-policies. So who's the real monster here?

Thankfully, this is comics and nothing like that would ever occur in the real world.


  1. Not only that, but off-panel Superman had herded the people into a 'free speech zone'.

  2. "Deport Superman" to where?

  3. "Deport Superman" to where?

    Kandor, or later to to Rokyn, I suppose.


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