Friday, May 26, 2006

Comic Book Ad: Super Hang Ups

I didn't need to buy any of these as I had plenty of Super Hang Ups of my own to deal with. Mine were purchased using the universal currencies of angst, humiliation and fear. The exchange rate against the dollar was astronomical even when adjusted for ego inflation.

From Weird Western Tales #49 (November 1978)


  1. 24 inches tall and made of plastic, huh? I bet this plastic was the consistency of a bread wrapper.

    As a tiny young stuffed calf I was obsessed with comic book ads, but none as much as the "magic" money changer that could change one dollar to five dollar bills. How could such a thing exist? My brain filled with the posibilities of quintupling my money.

    Was there ever anything that could be ordered in the back of a comic book that wasn't complete crap?

  2. Bully: what about GRIT, "the newspaper that puts hair on your balls"? Richie Rich sold GRIT and he grew up to be George Bush.


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