Monday, May 08, 2006

The Guardians can go whistle

Imagine that you won the lottery of the universe.

Out of all the sentient beings on your planet or light years-spanning space sector YOU are the one chosen to be a ring-bearer in the Green Lantern Corps.

You abandon your former life, family and world and by sheer force of will throw yourself through space to the center of the known universe, possibly never to feel the soil of your home beneath your feet ever again. You are on your way to join an elite force of bearers of light and will endeavor to banish the darkness of evil wherever you travel. You are also very aware that your life expectancy has been shortened by years and you will probably meet a violent, lonely end in battle. You believe the last thing you see before death closes your eyes forever will be the departing emerald flare of energy as your ring flings itself into the void to seek another to wield it. The responsibility is overwhelming, awesome, the stuff of legend and you embrace it without reservation and without hesitation.

And when you report to Oa with the expectation that there is a broken universe that needs you to fix it, you get assigned to this for your entire career.

Eternal security guard duty staring at a big ball of red fire with a green dot at the center. I'd be royally pissed.

Images from Infinite Crisis #7 (June 2006)


  1. When I read that, I assumed they rotated shifts. I mean, no one wants to do that for very long.

  2. I want to see the episode of GL where Hal gets to stand his shift.

    Will we ever see it? I suspect not.

  3. Maybe they could spend the time training. Y'know, on how not to get killed by freeze breath, in space.
    Why join the GLC? Because it's an organization by and for, well, the polite term would be "xenophiles." The more common term is "tentacle freaks."

  4. I bet G'nort somehow managed to sneak out of this duty.


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