Thursday, May 04, 2006

Peek-A-Boo Body Armor

With the cover of Supergirl #6 good old DC achieved another artistic comic book milestone.

DC successfully managed to draw a super-heroine clad entirely in a concealing, protective head-to-toe battlesuit remain suggestively nude by the gratuitous addition of faux-nipples and vagina via the artifice of strategically-placed "power holes" on the armor. The delta-shaped 'S-Shield' on the crotch of the other armor isn't as obviously SotI-riffic, but still...

I give it about a day before fan fic is out there describing in graphic multi-chapter detail where and how the armor plugs in and re-charges.


  1. I also like how Kara appears to wearing the world's most daring thong over her armor -- and by like, I mean that it makes me laugh uncontrollably.

  2. What is the reason for those lights? A landing strip?
    And here I was thinking nothing could be worse than the middrift thing that Supergirl usually wears...

  3. "Cool" looking armor is no excuse for ignoring basic human anatomy. Assuming that armor has any sort of bulk to it--but even if it's a micron thin--"Nightwing" has a right knee about the thickness of a banana.


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