Monday, April 09, 2007

Cool Golden Age Page of the Day: Mighty Thiota Ray!

Thrilling Comics #56 - Officials laugh
From an untitled Doc Strange story, Thrilling Comics #56 (February 1945)

I thought a derisive laugh was the reply? Dr. Bela must not get home delivery of the Daily Star to his secret Bela-Cave in the Bahamas. Miami could have been spared an icy fate if only he took advantage of their special subscription offer!


  1. Insane Scientist Demands US Surrender! would be a fantastic Headline however it's done.

    And.. boy howdy! Does he look insane in that next panel. Scareeey!

  2. So...what happened?

    I'm in suspense!

  3. Doc Savage..I mean, Doc Strange beat the guy up.


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