Monday, April 23, 2007

Heckuva job, Drudgie!

War, human rights violations, American soldiers fighting and dying, high-level Government incompetence and corruption, people shooting people in the streets and the staff of Walter Reed for two days didn't discover the body of a soldier who committed suicide in his room.

And yet on April 23rd a popular news site leads with an article featuring a celebrity with an opinion about toilet paper use.



  1. Another instance of a celebrity thinking she has all the answers and it being so far out of left field nobody's going to go for it. I alwas thought Sheryl Crow was more down to earth than this.

  2. Celebrities that are unable to clearly explain what they really mean or the ones that are stupid are as much a problem as the media agenda. This was clearly meant to make Crow look like another hemp-puffing liberal hippie.

  3. Crow only proposes a limit on toilet paper because Tom Servo and Gypsy keep TP'ing his quarters on the Satellite of Love.


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