Thursday, April 05, 2007

Grocery Store Artifact: Her emo-ness now belongs to the ages

Found this in the break room during a cleaning.
Thinking in the moment = Shallow and Stupid

I hate when people say they are living or thinking "in the moment" because that tells me they have all the brainpower of a goldfish.

Look at this thing. Every line reads like a first draft of a really bad pop song written for the "smash debut album" of an Idol "winner" and is all about wanting someone else to do everything for them and the desire to avoid responsibility. Poor little princess, gotta work for a living.

Living in the Moment = Shallow and Stupid.

Yes, I'm cranky today.



  1. Yow!

    I would snark all over that, but I'm also going to live in the moment, and well, it's gone now.

    Now I'm into cheese! Yay! Cheese!

    Gouda Day to you, sir!

  2. Aw man, I'm always like 5 minutes behind.

    Is it still cool to like paper bags with sticks and dirt in them or is that passe too?

  3. Wow, man, yeah, you were running particularly cranky that day. Is there any possibility that you believe you know who the author was, and that that might have added a little venom to the reaction?

    Without knowing more about the person who wrote it I can't really criticize the thinking expressed in the note. If she's writing variations on this same note every few weeks then it becomes more open to derision, but we just have this one instance. And while I would counsel people to be more careful about where they leave their private thoughts, presumably it remained fairly anonymous; we've seen far worse plastered on blogs.

    Some people (and I'm often one of them) occasionally have a flash of clarity and realize how much of their lives are being burnt off contemplating things that already happened and cannot be changed and possible future events that may not happen. There's no moment of joy I might be currently experiencing that won't be almost immediately smacked down by a replay of something stupid and/or damaging I said, did or allowed to happen days, months or years ago. It's the way some of us work -- or don't work, as the case may be. Some people worry or fantasize away their present in a similar fashion with thoughts of possible futures. Doing it part of the time is fine, but some people have a battle staying in the present unless something painful's happening.

  4. I have no idea who the author was and I don't even work there or for that company.

  5. If taken literally, "living in the moment" indicates a desire to be feral. Probably not what she had in mind. (And we're all so sure it's a woman, aren't we?)

    Nice that she's got an I-can-change-my-behavior-if-I-set-my-mind-to-it attitude. I've seen worse approaches to life.


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